Caroline Kaplan
New York, New York



Where the Magic Happens


    It all began in third grade, when a simple animal research project became a self-designed website including an entire essay on why tigers are going extinct, how to adopt a tiger, and how to donate to the WWF. In sixth grade, three friends and I began a phone case business, for which I created a website to showcase our custom cases and business cards to distribute to our clients. As I became fluent in Instagram throughout middle school, I learned how to make large photo collages in all shapes and sizes, even fitting the photos into shapes or words. I used this newfound skill to make next-level birthday posts and cards for every special occasion. Eventually, this turned into videos to celebrate a friend or family member’s special occasion, or even just to commemorate an event. Want to see how my lower school iMovies paid off? Task Me!


    A few years ago, I became obsessed with finding hidden gem restaurants and hot dessert places. As my list grew to over 100 places, I decided to organize them onto a map of NYC with little pins showing each restaurant’s location. My maps have developed to shopping hit-lists in multiple cities, and eventually to full weekend itineraries. My itineraries began when a friend from LA was visiting me and I was determined to give her a full NYC experience, and being the girl that needs everything organized, I needed to type this all out with specific times and everything. Looking for a fun weekend adventure? Task Me!


    I need to be organized in life. When my family moved into our current apartment, I was in third grade. I began hysterically crying when I stepped into my new room, because none of my books or toys were put in their proper places. I love to bring my creative side into organizing, by creating artwork out of photos/polaroids or by putting together camp mementoes, creating a “camp shrine”. Want me to make your very own TLC shrine? Task Me!


    Task Me is a combination of these three interests. I would be happy to help in any of these categories, or even something not mentioned above. Got an idea? Task Me!